April Tumbling Class Schedule

Class runs from April 11 through May 3rd - Cost $50 for Unlimited Classes for the Month or $10 per Drop in Class

Level 1 – This level is geared toward those who are just beginning their cheerleading careers, or still developing their tumbling.  All tumbling consists of back walkovers, front walkovers, cartwheels etc.  

Level 2 – Athletes will learn standing and Running backhandsprings

Level 3 –  Athletes will learn series of Back handsprings and front and backtucks.  

Level 4 –  Athletes will learn standing back Tucks and layouts.

Class Days:  Wednesday:  5:30-6:00:  Toddler Age Tumbling Class  - Ages 3 and 6 Years of Age
Class Days:  Wednesday:  6:00-7:00:  Level 1 and 2 Tumbling Skills

Class Days:  Thursdays:  5:30-6:30:  Level 1 ONLY  Beginners
Class Days:  Thursdays:  6:30-7:30:  2 Tumbling Skills  Must have a Back handspring to attend this Class
Class Days:  Thursdays:  7:30-8:30:  Level 3 and 4 Tumbling Skills  Must have a Running Tuck or Better