Celebrating 18 Years & still going STRONG!


Included in your Fees

  • Qualified, passionate and award winning Staff!!
  • The most experience gym in Maine
  • Clean Facility
  • Friendly environment
  • Air conditioned and heated facility
  • 5,000+ square feet of gym space
  • Trend setting uniforms
  • Uniforms are gym wide and don't change from team to team to help keep cost down.
  • Free Tumbling for all All Star Athletes
  • Team parties and socials paid for by the gym.  Example - pizza parties, Ice Cream socials, etc.
  • Quality Practice hours
  • More practice hours than most other gyms

Things to look for:  Where other gyms may hide their actual cost and/or can't give you hard numbers, we give you upfront cost and researches many cheerleading companies to continue to be competitive with our cost.

We will not come back to you later and have you pay more.  Please be careful some gyms have this in their policies.  We also offer fundraisers, where many gyms do not.  OUR fundraisers money does NOT go to the gym - It goes to the athlete that raised it.  However, fundraisers are optional, but all are encouraged. 

We hope that this information helps you!  If we can help with any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us here at ELITE All Stars of Maine.


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TELE: 207-409-9830

Hours of Operation

Monday through Thursday 4:00 p.m  to 8pm 

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